E8PA Festival Cancellation Announcement

Thank you for registering to the 2020 E8PA Festival.

As concerns grow over the potentially fatal Coronavirus outbreak, Enagic CEO Hironari
Ohshiro and the 2020 E8PA Festival Executive Committee have decided to cancel this
year’s 2020 E8PA Festival. This is in response to the imminent threat of the spreading
Coronavirus, and a preemptive action to protect the wellbeing of our valued Enagic
distributors and their families.

We apologize to everyone involved for the inconvenience and trouble this may cause,
and we hope the situation will be settled very soon.
Refunds of the purchased event tickets will be made according to your payment method.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Mr. Ohshiro’s birthday will be celebrated at the Enagic Global Convention in Las Vegas
on September 3-5, 2020.
Mr. Ohshiro and the Enagic staff look forward to seeing all of you there!